Helping You Create Your Best Self

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Shawna Helps You Be the Best

Shawna Helps You Be the Best Being the best has nothing to do with competition. It also has nothing to do with competing against others or comparing others’ achievements with your own. Being the best means focusing on being your best self. Trying to achieve the sum total of what you can be in order to be happier, more fulfilled and more effective in your life. This...

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Your Best Self

Your Best Self Do you think you have reached your full potential? If you do, this article is probably not for you. However, if you think there’s still a lot to do, if you feel like you can become an even better version of yourself, you might want to check out Shawana Crabill’s website. There are a number of people and coaches out there that offer to help you grow on...

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Grieving: Understanding a Loved One’s Loss

Grieving: Understanding a Loved One’s Loss As strong as you are, nothing quite compares you to the pain of you or your loved one losing someone close to them; a relative or a friend. Most of the time people remain at a loss, wondering what to do for them or tell them. There is an understanding of their pain, but this is almost always accompanied by a strange sense...

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When Should I Seek Help to Cope With Grief or Bereavement?

When Should I Seek Help to Cope With Grief or Bereavement? People deal with grief differently. However, the average person usually moves on after the grieving process. There’s no timeline that serves as guidepost telling you that you cope with grief faster than anybody else. You go through several stages: denial then anger. Then you go through the bargaining phase...

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How to Stay Motivated Despite the Odds

How to Stay Motivated Despite the Odds Your motivation can easily be dampened with unexpected circumstances happening around you. But the fact that you are juggling your personal, family, and professional life can make it hard to look forward towards the end of the day. Your days may seem to be excruciatingly painful and getting up each and every day can be a drag....

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Steps to Tend the Body-Mind for a Mindful Adult Life

Young people transitioning from adolescence to adulthood find themselves in stress, optimism, and uncertainty. There is the feeling of in-between where as a young person who is just knocking the doors to adult life may find that you don’t fully identify yourself with adult responsibilities and roles. You have not attained the financial independence and you have...

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