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How to Stay Motivated Despite the Odds

How to Stay Motivated Despite the Odds Your motivation can easily be dampened with unexpected circumstances happening around you. But the fact that you are juggling your personal, family, and professional life can make it hard to look forward towards the end of the day. Your days may seem to be excruciatingly painful and getting up each and every day can be a drag....

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Steps to Tend the Body-Mind for a Mindful Adult Life

Young people transitioning from adolescence to adulthood find themselves in stress, optimism, and uncertainty. There is the feeling of in-between where as a young person who is just knocking the doors to adult life may find that you don’t fully identify yourself with adult responsibilities and roles. You have not attained the financial independence and you have...

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Working on You: Learn How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Working on You: Learn How to Improve Your Self-Esteem Having low self-esteem can lead to a number of issues in your life. Perhaps you have little to no friends and feel isolated from the outside world. When you have low self-esteem, you may cut yourself off from others, feeling that you are not good enough to contribute. Or perhaps you feel self-conscious around...

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Find Answers

Life can be so many things, it is different for each person and it will bring different experiences and moments. Through all of these experiences, you will also encounter problems and issues that come with them. Don’t worry, this is simply part of life and these are the tests that will help you become a stronger and better person which is why you should embrace...

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Let’s Drown Out the Negativity With the Positivity!

I’ve posted about it before but I feel this is a very important subject. Positivity is the basis for our own well-being and too often I see negative thoughts impeding on not only my hard work with clients, but with their own hard work as well. Negative thoughts like fear, danger, and stress are built into us to keep us safe, as part of our fight or flight response....

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Overcoming Depression with Professional Help

According to the records of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), over 15 million American adults are suffering from depression every year. While this number is already disturbing on its own, it is more shocking that less than 35% of depressed individuals seek professional help to get better per recent surveys.   The misconception that...

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