Helping You Create Your Best Self

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Meet Shawna

My name is Shawna Crabill and I am here to help you feel better.

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You Are Not Alone

I am your biggest advocate and believe that you deserve happiness.

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I Can Empathize

My clients work with me because I can empathize with them as I have been there.

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What kind of person do you want to be?
People come to me because they feel like nothing is working and I help them find a way.


Steps to Tend the Body-Mind for a Mindful Adult Life

Young people transitioning from adolescence to adulthood find themselves in stress, optimism, and uncertainty. There is the feeling of in-between where as a young person who is just knocking the doors to adult life may find that you don’t fully identify yourself with adult responsibilities and roles. You have not attained the financial independence and you have...

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